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Welcome to the 8th annual Social Responsibility Forum!

On November 22nd & 23rd of 2013, the IE Business School 8th Annual Social Responsibility Forum, entitled “Social Means Business” will be held in Madrid, Spain. For each of the last seven years, the Forum has enabled more than 300 IE students to interact with peers, professionals and inspiring leaders to learn about the increasingly important and exciting topics associated with Sustainability, Social Entrepreneurship and Corporate Social Responsibility.

This Forum has a truly prestigious and international presence, evidenced by the geographical reach of our speakers and the increasing number of students from other top European MBA programs who attend the event every year.

The theme for this year’s forum invites us to discuss how social responsibility and sustainability should no longer be seen as only a way for companies to do good in the world, but instead, as a fundamental part of their business model which delivers both economic and social benefits. Additionally this is an excellent opportunity for Non-governmental institutions to gain insights from both the private and public sector to develop sustainable models so that their impact can last well into the future. It is in this sense and our belief that social is here to stay that indeed "Social Means Business."

We invite you to look through both our program and speaker page to discover the 19 different panels that will be offered at this years Social Responsibility Forum. With such a diverse program we know that something will spark your interest.

Thank you for visiting the IE Social Responsibility Forum page and we look forward to having you at this years event.


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